Introductory Workshop On Corporate Governance

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Here, specifically from the governorate of Ibb and in cooperation with the Ibb Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Yemeni Institute of Managers is implementing an introductory workshop on companies in Ibb Governorate.

On the morning of Sunday, May 21, 2017, the first introductory workshop was held in Ibb governorate on corporate governance, which targeted a number of businessmen in the governorate. In the workshop, Brother / Sami Sabha, a member of the Board of Directors, gave a speech welcoming the participants and expressed his happiness at the presence of an economic partner such as the Chamber of Commerce , Reviewing the efforts made by the Yemeni Institute of Directors in cooperation with its strategic partner, IFC, For his part,Mr. Abd El-Elah El Khatib, member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry – the head of the services department, gave a brief speech in which he welcomed the attendees, thanking the organizers of this workshop for their interest in educating the private sector in the province with such concepts that its application would improve performance in private sector institutions and companies.

Then, the Ibb Chamber was honored with the Yemeni Institute Shield for Directors, presented by Eng. Ghadeer Al-Moqhafi, Acting Director of the Institute.

It is worth noting that most of the ancient commercial houses in the governorate attended the workshop and showed their interaction with the concepts that were put forward by the institute team, and on his part, Sheikh Qasim Al-Absi, the deputy governor of Ibb, attended.

This was followed by the start of the training workshop, which included the definition of governance, its concepts, basic principles, responsibilities and tasks of related parties, in particular companies’ boards of directors, and the desired benefits from applying those concepts and challenges facing the applications of governance.

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