BDS Program- Run 3-Part 1

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The Yemeni Institute of Directors of the Yemeni Business Club, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation, inaugurated on 27-28 September 2014 the accredited board member program – the second batch where the program culminated in its first installment with success and tangible results for members of boards of directors in companies that participated in the program by improving its level of performance And its board members. The program was entitled to the second batch, in the presence of 24 trainees of members of boards of directors in various Yemeni companies and banks. This inauguration was attended by Mr. Fathi Abdel Wasea Hail, Chairman of the Yemeni Business Club and Mr. Mohamed Murad Mutahar, member of the Board of Directors of the Institute, where Professor Fathi stressed in his speech the importance of attending the program And how much benefit it brings to companies. Professor Mohamed Murad praised the efforts of the companies participating in the program to achieve best practices, which in turn help to develop their performance. Also, Professor Saif Al-Din Awni, the program’s trainer from the Arab Republic of Egypt, welcomed the trainees from all companies and the trainers participating in the program, who are Dr. Adel Al-Huraibi and Professor Zainab Al-Haimi and Professor Anwar Mahyoub Blessed and who had a prominent role in the success of the first part of the program The approved board member program is one of the most important programs implemented by the institute because of its clear benefits to companies, as it provides an in-depth view of the duties and main roles of board members, their legal responsibilities, the role of the board of directors in general in addition to the concept of corporate governance. In addition to practical training on tools to develop corporate governance within the organization.

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