An Introductory Workshop On The Principles And Applications of Governance- Aden

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On Wednesday morning, May 24, 2017, an introductory workshop was held on the principles and applications of Yemeni corporate governance in the conference hall at Emirates Sky Hotel, Khor Maksar, Aden. The rest of the businessmen attended in Aden and attended by brother Adnan Al-Kaf, Undersecretary of Aden for Development Affairs, This workshop was organized by the Yemeni Businessmen Club in Aden, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Aden in partnership with IFC (International Finance Corporation – a branch of the World Bank for Private Sector Lending) and the Yemeni Institute of Managers, Who ran the workshop and provided interventions and working papers in the workshop.

In the workshop, there were serious discussions about all aspects of corporate governance and its necessity, and experiences of what happened to some corporate family businesses in Aden were reviewed, and the meeting came out with the need to promote these principles and work to apply them more widely in all family companies in order to ensure their sustainability and continuity in order to contribute to the activity Economic and service in order to achieve development in its capabilities and performance and thus its profitability.

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