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About the Yemeni Institute of Directors (YIoD)

The Yemeni Institute of Directors – YIoD is a unique experience applied for the first time in Yemen through the Yemeni Business Club – YBC, the leading Yemeni organization in supporting and advocating for private sector issues and the International Finance Organization (IFC) one of the World Bank Group entities. The institute targets the boards of directors members and senior managers due to the vital role that boards of directors play in the growth, stability and development of business enterprises. The Institute provides high-quality services through its cooperation with many official bodies such as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Central Bank and others. IFC is YIoD’s strategic partner that designed many training programs for the Institute as well as providing highly qualified trainers and practical experiences in the same field, so the quality of the programs offered by the institute is similar to the best programs offered in similar institutes regionally and internationally.

Our vision

To be pioneers in strengthening the concepts and applications of corporate governance locally and regionally.


We in YIoD seek to encourage and direct corporations and companies towards applying concepts and mechanisms of good governance, by means of YIoD carrying out awareness, training programs, consultancies which YIoD provides to the targeted beneficiaries. This is done by taking into consideration the quality of service and by relying on the assistance of an effective partnership with the relative concerned entities, in order to realize the maximum levels of efficiency and effectiveness.


1) Awareness of governance concepts and their applications in business enterprises.
2) Building the leadership capabilities of board members.
3) Qualifying independent board members.
4) Providing advice on governance applications.
5) Providing support and advocacy for governance issues.
6) Networking with similar organizations regionally and internationally.

Our values

By working with the Yemeni Business Club business teams, we are helping to develop locally and regionally appropriate frameworks for corporate governance and assistance as well in enhancing communication and dialogue on appropriate policies and ultimately becoming the natural bridge for institutions to encourage corporate governance in the region.

We aim to become a pivotal source of technical assistance, advisory services, oversight, analysis, research, advice and repair. We have created the Institute of Managers as part of Hawkamah in order to enhance human capacity building in the Yemen region.


Professionalism in providing the service

Qualitative training

Commitment to a culture of values

Commitment to major

Our Board of Directors
احمد ابو بكر بازرعه

Ahmed Bazarah

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-24 at 1.59.29 PM

Yousef Alkurimi

صالح الرويشان

Saleh Alroishan

احمد جمعان

Ahmed Juman

غمدان الانسي

Ghamdan Alanisi

طلعت العريقي

Talat Alariqi

Moneera's Photo P.

Moneera Alzubiri

Our Team
غدير المقحفي المدير التنفيذي

Ghadeer Almaqhafi

Acting ED
WhatsApp Image 2021-01-17 at 2.18.35 PM

Safa'a Alsayaghi

Projects Coordinator
اجلال الوادعي_منسق برامج

Ejlal Alwadei

Programs Coordinator
فؤاد عبدالله الصنعاني_امين الصندوق مسؤل الموارد البشرية

Foaad Alsanani

HR & Finance

Reiath Alhemiari

Finance Manger

Ghamdan Alhedabi