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An effective board of directors must monitor itself to stand up to its level of performance, which helps it establish a culture of evaluation and accountability with the aim of development and improvement, and it is worth noting that in the various guidelines related to governance it is expressly stated that the performance of each member of the board as well as the general performance of the board must be evaluated. The different roles of the council chairman, its committees and the secretary should be evaluated, as the periodic evaluation is an effective tool that contributes to enhancing the effectiveness of the council and enables it to prepare improvement plans in light of its needs.

In particular, evaluation helps in achieving the following objectives:

  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses and recommendations on strengthening strengths and improving weaknesses.
  2. Arranging activities and improvement steps according to priority and understanding the Council’s needs in terms of knowledge, experience and training.
  3. Educating council members and establishing professional ethics and a culture of accountability.

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