Gap Analysis and Diagnosis of corporate governance practices

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They are the tools and means used to know where the company is now? Where is the position that you want to reach?

At its core are two questions: “Where are we?” Where do we want to be?

As we were able to measure best practices in the various main dimensions of governance and to develop a plan to improve the performance of corporate governance internally and aim to measure:

  • Commitment to Corporate Governance: In it, issues related to corporate governance are examined and the extent of the company’s commitment to corporate governance is demonstrated, as well as approved / published policies, procedures, or guidelines in the field of corporate governance, and whether companies disclose to shareholders and stakeholders information that shows their commitment to corporate governance.
  • Administrative control environment: In this dimension, the control environment in the company is diagnosed and the extent of the existence of the risk management framework / structure and is it working effectively, the existence of internal control frameworks and internal auditing and are they in place and working effectively, the existence of an independent external auditor, the presence of the tasks of planning and following up the work organized Well understood and effective (eg strategic planning, budgeting, performance monitoring).

• Relationships of shareholders and stakeholders: in which a diagnosis is made to the extent to which all shareholders are protected and treated equally, the existence of a well-organized general assembly, the existence of policies for transactions.

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