Building the Board Charter

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It includes (a frame of reference for membership and the selection of independent members of the board of directors – the methodology for forming the committees of the board and their mechanism of work and powers – preparing a schedule of remuneration and compensation for the board of directors and its committees – preparing a policy for the work procedures of the board of directors – preparing a policy for evaluating the board of directors).

The charter aims to define the roles, responsibilities, and work procedures of the board, and clarify the duties of each of the chairman and members of the board and the secretary in accordance with the articles of association, the Commercial Companies Law, and the best corporate governance practices approved by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), in order to activate the role of the Board of Directors, to enhance the efficiency of management In the company, regulating the relationship between the board of directors and the shareholders on the one hand, and the relationship between the board of directors and the executive management on the other hand; To facilitate the decision-making process in the company, to give transparency and credibility to these decisions, and to protect the rights of shareholders and stakeholders.

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